The big sneaker running in Telfs, 2010. (31.01.)(Uhm u know... click on them for watchin' em in full size)



our gipsies... ("die Laninger"

music ("Musibanda"

("Die wilden"

("Die Herolde"

The 4 seasons... x)

("Der Panzenaff'" belongs to "die Wilden"

("Die Schleicher" with her awesom masks... *sigh*)

A monkey from the bears ("Bären & Exoten"

a bear ("Bären & exoten"

Performance of the Laninger on their waggon.

The "Zonner" of the "Laninger"

The "Kindsdirn" and the "Laningermuata".

That's Sabrina. :D

"S'Galtmahd" - performance

"Bease buam" (Bad boys) - performance.

Well and that was the TELFER FASNACHT 2010!
Photos © by my brother.

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