it´s not that I was bored or sth like that.. it's just.. yeah it is...

Day. 28th of July, 9.30am
Place. OFFICE!!
Song.  P.n - 5 days <3

Personal Message. I wish I liked
Mood.  okay

 Yeeeeey, sitting at the office.. but I have got nothing to do.. well I do but u know it's kinda confused cuz... I have to wait until I can do it.. soooooooo

We'll see we'll see . :D

 And I'm bored to death, I'm that bored when I went onto the toilett I tried to wash my hands - each with a diferent soap. Have ya ever tried that? It's not easy cuz you can't use the other hand to wash the one hand.. and then I smelled all day long on my hands to see which soap smells better.. :S guess 'm ill..

I also searched myself a new penpal.. Maybe I'll get on with her some more.. again I found so from china.. guess chinese people do like me.. lol. but she sounds  nice and well .. yeah.. nice (=

By the way I noticed on my way to toilett, that I'm always using the same toilet.. that's when I first went to toilet there I used the one at the right side not the left one.. but why. and why do I always use the same. Might be interesting what I wud do, if the one on the right side is occupied.. :P Will I wait or use the left one? :Pooooooooh my brain is overloaded.. ._.

guess I'll stop and have a phone call.. maybe.. we'll se..
Take care.. xoxo

28.7.10 09:37

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