whooop :D wish ya a lovely day...

Day. 23nd of July  ,7.45am
Place. OFFICE!!
Song.  e.a.r - Just don't want to know why

Personal Message. to be honest, I have no idea loL
Mood.  sunnnnyy!!

 muhahaha. Today is such a bad day.. it's rainy outside.. yey.. When I got up it was raining already so I just smiled. And 'twas the first day I managed to get myself a coffee at home without any errors... (:  normally, there is a FAIL sound bcuz either the water bottle is empty or the interior "rubbish bin" is too full... There are many reasons. And today there wasn't any bad sound so I invented the coffee machine horoscope and today it says:

No complications!!! whooop!!

Aww by the way.. my dear mr Big sent me a "love ya" text this night.. aw it sucks.. I hate him, I want him, I need him and I love him too... but I can'T give in.. so I just answered "these sort of texts I only receive when you are drunk... " - "hun, today I actually drank 2 beer. not more" - " well actually u say that every time.. and then there is this sort of text msg's and then I will be pushed aside for another week before u remember me again" - "no you won't !!" - "tiger, 'til now it everytime was the same.."

Yeah that's it... haha. sometimes I just don't get him.. theres a german song translated the refrain is like

"Damn I love you - I don't love you -

Damn I need you - I don't need you

Damn I want you - I don't want to lose you"

(german it's better but... u know what I mean... It's so true.. )#

So I only have to work for another 4 hours this week...!! whoop

Weeekend is callin' can you hear it? I can! I definitely can, whoop whooop whoooop..

See guess, that's a reason why I'm happy tooo!! :D

Anyway u know what.. I'm bored right now...

Ahh what I didn't tell ya!!

There is this page I told ya y-day. u remember? no.. never mind. well I found an awesome band there!! The band is called " e.a.r " go 'n listen to their music please! It's rly awesome I'm sure I will buy one of their albums soon! ( hey they are only 10 € each and the music is so awesome! :D )

Okay guess that's all I had to tell ya. Tomorrow 'm going on a wedding... (=

Am reallyy interested what it is like. I'm so damn sure it will be soo boring... and my mr big meanwhile will party with his friends at our town festival. uuuuwh.. how I hate it :'(

wish he was with me.. why can't he.. :'(

Guess life's just unfair sometimes... but well I'm not sure right now.. *laugh*

aww okay now I rly have to stop, as I tolda ya, there are only 4 more hours to work.. (Well O.N.L.Y is the wrong expression but u know what I meant... At least I hope u do.. )

Favorite turn down saying o' th' day: (yeah we're back!)

"come on don't be shy: ask me out!" - "okay get out!"

haha. okay wish ya lots of fun take care, see ya



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