cool. cooler.. me? :D what's blonde and clever? -.- a golden retriever..

Day. 22nd of July  , LATER!
Place. Official in office.. lol
Song.  not sure right now, found a lot cool new bands but couldn't listen to them.. cuz in office.. well u know...
Personal Message. same...
Mood.  happy!

please don't ask me why 'm happy. guess that's just bcuz I finished work.. and haha do you remember when I said.... wait no I didn't tell you. But well when I woke up this morning, I noticed the msg from Mr.Big and then I promised myself I won't text him until he texted me first again..

Well I did text him.. at -.- it sucks... just wrote "sigh :-*" but I neither received an answere back no feel happy about having it written -.-

stupid!! hehe.

But well I finished workin' n now I'm waiting for my bus! yehaa.. Going hooume for nooooooow! :D :D well I drive to my mums office.. but then ... or let's say 30 minutes later I will!! :D

Awesome ;D  okay okay.. now I'll start getting ready for the bus... otherwise I won't come home until 7pm :-(

See ya later or 2morr0


22.7.10 16:40

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