We are the world... or at least... the world is below us...

Day. 22nd of July
Place. Official in office.. lol
Song.  earth song - MJ
Personal Message.   ... come on write it on a piece of paper
Mood.  TIRED!


 Okay... OKAY! okay...
Well where to start?

'twas kinda funny day y-day.. I managed to call every township in Tirol (only a few left.... 20 or sth like that - they didn't put up the phone or are on holiday .,, whateva.)

In the afternoon the boys took me with 'em outside. We drove to a broken traffic light and tried to find out where the reason for the bug was.. So now they have to fix it as soon as possible..

But it was funny and very interesting.. hehe

 Well at home nothin special happened. I went jogging, texted with the hot boy I told ya who wants to meet me.. but well u know Mr. Big..

Allright, when I woke up today I checked my mobile and there was a text of him showin' up... "<3" it said...

Aww.. sometimes I rly miss an love him. and sometimes he should take care otherwhise Im going to hit him and put him into a parcel and send him to the moon.. Roarr!!

okay. gotta go again it's 8. boss sure shows up soooooooon...

Seeeee ya, guys n girls


22.7.10 08:00

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