just another manic wednesday... uhuuuhuu

Day. 21st of July
Place. Office
Song.  Walking on Sunshine (:  
Personal Message.   I can't enter MSN any more ._.
Mood.  I don't care... Yes I do *roaarr!*


 Hello everyone, here I am again..

What? Huh. Wait... U are sure u just asked me whether sth interesting happened yesterday...?

Well.... okay then... I'll answer you.... I try to do so lovely....


 Hah! What did u imagine? I went home from work, well okay we catched mum's car from the service team, but that was it..

When I came home I went to bed. Just to sleep an hour.. But then I awoke and it was 00.00 am.... Hah. I was hungry, got sth to eat, checked my mobile, checked fb, both nothing.. and went to bed again... within an hour I received a text message...

Before that text msg, I was shortly before killing him. but now?
Yeah, u'r right, Mr.Big texted me.. Where I was. I told him and so he was.. We joked around a bit and I asked him to come over but then he just answered ''Nahh. Now I'm not getting out of my bed again.'' 'twas just like... don't annoy me I wanna sleep..

He's stupid sometimes... Still I do adore, love and all the other cool things.. him. lol.

Today might be a funny day. Not surer though.

what ever will be - will beee.. (:

Aww it's almost 8... guess my workmate will soon enter the office... *sigh* I wish I was in my.. or better Mr. Big's bed... -.-

Goddamnit, I'm becoming a dog by now. I wish I could resist wanting to be on his side, every second of my life.. aaaah...

I don't want to be a dog - who goes on his nerves and he has to take with him all the time... The only thing I want is HIM! *sob*

Okies what else to tell ya? ... :S Not sure... loL today I have to phone townships... What a difference to yesterday.. But today I'm starting with S...  SAD S(TH)ING... :P

~ wherever I sit, wherever I sleep I wanna be with you... I want my bed--- want my bed--- want my bed ALOOONE ~ (No u won't recognize the song.. loL. Rly I have no idea what is the original version called. but this one is "PEACE-LOVE-and BEDROOM-Blues" .... lol... allright. you see I'm getting ill/crazy again by now. That's becuz of all the boringness inside this office..

Okay gotta leave now it's eight. Sure he will arive soon.

Talk to ya later..


21.7.10 08:01

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