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Day. 20th of July, 2.30pm
Place. Office
Song. Super Mario Theme
Personal Message.   same...
Mood. home...!

Isn't that kinda lovely? -.- Whauw.. Today I phoned- I guess -far more than 70 townships.. and they all passed me on and on and on and on... -.- There were two or three people who said they were interested or they maybe are...

Wish it was kinda easier... :'(

But the funny thing is - every township has got another song playing when passing me on!! Haha I do like it. definitely!! :P

By now I'm having a break. I just can't phone any other people any more.. I'm kinda broken now..  Guess I should be gone already.. I'm old. grey haired and all that stuff... Haha. U should already be organizing my funeral... Hey don't tell me you won't organize it.. I always dream of you struggling to make my funeral the perfect party... and what are you doin' ? sittin in front of that Laptop!!! :O

 Haha the nurse just came by and told us how to sit properly in our chairs and how to look into our desktops... how stupid's that? lol. I like working in the office...

well gotta go. break is over. (:

Have fun.. see ya later



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