good god and holy shit... x.X

Alrite now...

Day. 20th of July, 7.48am
Place. Office
Song.  MJ - Billie Jean
Personal Message.   It must have been love :'(
Mood. sleep?

.... u see?  'tis sth around 7 or 8 o'clock and I'm already sitting in the office.. Yeah that's what I have to do. Now I'm waiting for my workmates n then I guess we'll go havin' a coffee...

Awesome. I wish I could relax in my bed... (preferred version: not alone.... but.. well u know.. the only person I want to relax with..... well.. he... hasn't got a mobile.... RRRawr! I cud kill him.... I rly cud! - Am really curious if he texts me later this day.... in the night he will go out again anyway...)

Ah damn it... I want holidays! or sth like a vacation... Give it--- GIVE IT TOOOOO ME!!! No wait.. No securities please.. I'm okay... I gues.. haha. -.-

 Still missing my school time loL. if there was school today I would enter my school by .... NOW! and in 10 minutes there will start my geography lesson - And nobody will listen to our teacher and he would talk and talk and talk and talk....

Sigh.... School time was awesome!

Well working at the office is too... somehow.. but.. it's much more exhausting... Guess u know what I mean. I bet I'll stay a pupil my whole life long... otherwise.. well I dunno..*lol*

I'll just stay one!

Btw, my ex bf texted me yesterday.. loL. 'twas just sth like "hey" nd then I answered "uhm... whats up?" - "just wanted to say hey..why are you still awake" -  " okies then. hey. dunno, guess 'm not tired... or bored " - "why?" - "uhm.. well. dunno. cuz it is like that?"  that was it.. not sure what he really wanted to know loL. men are... awful!! loL

Btw from now on I'll call my "lover"  -MR BIG... then I think you won't get worried too much ( yes I'm a SATC faker... but I love it!! and I love mr biiiiig... awww)

okay allright now.. Guess my mates will be there by now... (: Maybe I'll post again later on..
But for now I have to call some Tyrol townships... (I'm at letter H !!! (:  there are only about 220 left ) lol.

see ya around, keep yar ears stiff...! ( -.- damn miss my g.i. - he's havin a gf by the time.. awful lol. Now he's havin one he completely ignores ME!! MEEEE!!!)

rly have to go now.


20.7.10 08:01

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