Birthday secrets

Date: 8th july
Daytime: 10.35pm
Place: beeed!
Song: 5 days - patrick nuo
Mood: guess m in love...there's no bad there?

~ it was love at first sight, on the 2nd of july...~
whaaa, i do love tht song. N not only bcuz there's my bday mentioned.. I just do love it..!
Oh yeah it was my birthday on friday....:-D 'twas awesome. Well at first it was exhausting.. Mum woke me up at 6.oo and i had to get up to unpack my first present... I got my 11cm high heels! Pink! Awesome...and there are hearts on 'em..! Dad later gave me the second: a very beautiful golf's awesome too (tested it on monday!hehe)
Well anyway we had to organize our school festival called ELSA this year...worked all day long.. At 5 my brother and my 'big brother' showed up and gave me their present... Pink RaYBen sunglasses...awesome too, isn't it!? :-D:-D
Anyway at nite i went out with my family. At first we ate in the tirolerhof and later on mummy daddy n me went into the stadtcafe.. There the boss invited us to some drinks.. It was so nice. Some men sang happy birthday there n some old songs like '17 jahr-blondes haar' and i received about 10 red roses!! :-D
I stayed with my 19 year old neighbour steffi, but my parents left.. She n i had so much fun, kathi stayed too.. I almost made out with my ex bf..but though i drank very much alcohol i didn't.. Lucky me...:-o
Fesa's n my bd-party on saturday was also very much fun..
Oilers-area-palmito(we got kicked there) and afterwards we bought some vodka and sat down in front of a shop..
I was so extremely drunk.. My girls took me home,where i puked all nite long...
No i will nevEr ever drink vodka again... >.<
Beside that fact, my birthday was awesum n i recognized how much true friends i rly have...:-)
...good start into my 18th year of life, isn't it? :-)
At the moment i'm listening to the dirty dancing soundtracks..dd is un of my fav movies..tis awesum.. N the songs too..
But i makes me thinkin of the guy all the time...well i do think of him all the time,anyway.. Lol. God how i miss him..atm he's in ibk.. Drinkin'... Nope well actually he told me he won't drink a bit bcuz he is the driver...
Well he also said he wud text me later.. We will see if he keeps promises..(:
>> hungry eyes...! <<
I <3 patrick swayze...:'(:'(
In my opinion 2 of the 4 greatest men ever have already died..:-(
Michael jackson - no matter if he did what he did or not..HE was the MUSIC... He felt it he lived's him...
And patrick swayze - well who doesn't think he was awesome..i do so regret i just became a fan of him when he already left this planet... This body, this voice... :'(
The two left? Robbie williams - in my opinion he is the sexy MJ.. Well he's not the Music type..but he is an entertainer...that's his passion and he knows how to use it..;-)
Nd of course george clooney ... We all kno why..;-) ( sure theres also brad pitt but it's gc i admire...)
Whoop i received a text msg..:-D:-D gotta goooo..! Take care..xx
See ya soon!

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