Low temperatures outside, hot discussions inside... woot .. -.-

Day. 22nd of June
Place. Kitchen :D  
Song.  Klaus Nomi - The Cold Song
Personal Message.   I like... .... do I ?
Mood.  kinda awesome... but I try to hide it.. (:

 Yeaah. That blog entry is for my dearest fan: surrsurrsurr! You're great. Yepp.

 U know what, I'm sittin in my kitchen, with my winter jacket and a cup of hot chocolate... HOW'S THAT POSSIBLE?

I mean... IT'S JUNE!

June... yeah.. it's my birthday next week -.- awww. that sucks.. Dunno what to do. I'm going to have wrinkles all over my body.. ( Though one of my friends said, "Hey I'm 23 and I haven't got wrinkles now!! So why would you?!" .... I'm sure I will get them soon.. I hate it.. I wanna stay young for ever... )

Stay young for ever.. that's sth my Ex bf said.. I'll never forget this scene.. damn.. hehe.  but he was sooo right...

Yesterday I gave a friend of mine private english lessons.. xD That was really... uhm... senseless.. XD They are doin' questions and negations at the moment. I rly had to read about it before I was able to tell her sth about it.. xD I'm so useless..

By the way... Hot chocolate ftw!!! :D :D I do love it.. I wish I could have another cup. But that would mean I had to get up walk those 3 minutes to the market and get some milk... Ohhh my god I'm sOOOOOO lazy... thehhee.

 What shall I do.. What shall I doo with my drunken souul.. lol.

Damn I'm bored.... You know what ? ( How often did I use this phrase in this entry now? 3 times... 4?? XD) No u don'T know.. I hate online shops... I ordered some drumsticks laaaaast saturday. Payed last monday.. and they told me today they had shipped it... WHAT, WHY?! -.- awww...

I want 'em!! I rly do...

Damn I'm sooo freezing...

Ok,... my darling... ( huh u want to know who is it? the asshole.. xD who else? -.- can'T get rid of him.. I just want him.. awww...) isn't texting me.. neither is anyone else..

And I'm sooo bored. But I think I annoy you by saying that.. Another time? IM BORED!! :D huh that's kinda funny..!


Awww I like it! :D :D

Btw, I love the song which I mentioned above after "song of the day" It's a cold song.. IT'S REALLY COLD:... thehe. and I'm freezing.. without hot chocolate..

awww.. shall I get me some chocolate? awww. Nutella... :S


I wanna go to the cinema.. I wish I could.. Get up get up. I want the cinemaaa!!!! :D :D

But nohhh.... -.- doh... I promised my brother to go to the golf course with him... *sigh... I wish I could play golf.. :D

thehe... okay. now I'm leaving.. Am soo bored. And theres judge Barbara Salesch on TV!!! wooopy!! I love it. It's so .... useless..haha btw I like the word useless..

REMEMBER: The only thing, which isn't useless is the word useless.. for useless things.. haha..

And this note was useless... wasn't it..

Oh god.. Behave well. Take care. see ya around in a bit.

@SURRSURRSURR: GO and get me some hot chocolate!!! will ya? :D :D *hug

 chiquitaaaah.. xox


22.6.10 15:05

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