Frog in my head... :S

Day. 8th March, Monday!, 4.01pm
Place. Room :D
Song.  All at once - Jack Johnson
Personal Message.  Lost piercing!! :'(      
Mood. v. good


8.3.10 16:30

Killer dentist on his way!!!

Day. 22th February, Monday!, 1.37pm
Place. Bed -.-
Song. Bowling for Soup - 1985
Personal Message.       “I am ill at these numbers” W. Shakespeare
Mood. ...GRRRAWR!!!


22.2.10 13:58

Shakespeares snowboard accident...

Day. 21th February, Sunday!, 7pm
Place.  Sitting in my bed..  
Song. Just because of you – US5
Personal Message. Friends are like potatoes – if u eat them they are death.
Mood. BAD!!


21.2.10 19:30

FIRST OFFICIAL WORKING DAY!!! ( death.. u like me huh? )

Day. 6th February, SATURDAY!, 10pm
Place.  SITTING !!! ROOM!!! 
Song. Godzillas – Come with me  
Personal Message. CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR!!!
Mood.  … hungry?!


6.2.10 22:05


Day. 5th February, FRIDAY, 4.21pm
Place.  in my freezing room 
Song. Shut up and smile - Bowling for soup
Personal Message. "Il mio cuore solo a..." - "Che cuore?!" xD (My heart only belongs to..." - "Which heart?" )


5.2.10 17:07

boys are stupid. Let's throw rocks at them...

.\ )'~
` skrach- c( @}{@ )3
c'/` )(;"
'% (__)-.
\s=. # ,\\
/__" _ |9
(",O. o.)
C( G(.
..=_o((_)O6 _)x=WxMv=-.
31.1.10 00:00

From Trouts,embarrasing moments and other problems :D

Day. 30th, Saturday 3.17
Place.  Private living room :D
Song. The Proclaimers - (I'm gonna be) 500 miles ...
Personal Message. Summer 2010 - will be so great!
Mood.  Pe
rfect :D


30.1.10 15:46

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