Day. 19th of July
Place. Room
Song.  Man in the mirror - MJ
Personal Message.   It must have been love :'(
Mood. ... suck my balls.. loL *whish I had 1.. xD *

 ~~~ I'm Starting With The Man In
The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change
His Ways
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place

Okay hey again.. wait a sec.. I will move over into my cuddly bed...

ahh much better... much more confortable.. 


Okay.. I have a lot lot lot lot lot to tell ya..
My last entries weren't that long bcuz I always sent them from my mobile.. Nd I'm not very pleased with the mobile-keyboard typing system.. hehe.

well anyway..

There's an unhappy story from school.. yeah.. our fav english teacher leaves us.. She's the reason why I started this blog and in honour to her I thought I will carry on writing this blog.. It's like an IN MEMORIAL weblog.. maybe she'll read it if she misses us.. We'll (well I for sure) will miss her... and I hope our new teacher is able to replace her a lil' bit...

Thank you for those 3 great years! They were awesome, funny and interesting.. (: 


Okay let's move on... FAR AWAY from the topic SCHOOL cuz now we're havin holidays!!! 

Well at least I pretend to have them.. 


Last monday I started working. 'M working in an office Building.. A great company called Siemens. Yeah and there I'm in the ITS group (Intelligent Traffic Systems) That means we're selling traffic lights or parking meters... sth like that. It's kinda funny and interesting. And I'm havin a lot of fun with the guys in this team, cuz it's the Team my dad was the former leader of.. (now he's sth better  -.- ) but the team's still okay. I love the guys. We're chatting and joking and having fun, drinking coffe.. all that stuff.. but we're also hard working... Today for example I called about 40 to 50 townships from tyrol.. Tomorrow I have to carry on with it.. -.-

Lol that's kinda boring. U call a person u say your 1 minute long sentence, the person gives you to another person u say the sentence again and this person passes me on to another person and after saying the sentence the 3rd time this person tells me that they aren't interested... What a silly job... Why do people do sth like that? I don't get it. But I have to do it - so I do it... -.-


Anyway next few weeks and months will be rather stresful I think... On Saturday there's this wedding I have to go to, with my family.. while my lover is havin fun with his friends on our town festival the "Wirtefest" ... *sigh* Then I again have to work, work work...

After my 4 weeks of work I have to help my dad with his Golf tournament.. He organised a big one in our golf club, and I have the honorable duty of making photos of this great event ( Dad promised me I'll get my own Caddy-Car with which I'm allowed to drive around the golf course shooting awesome old Siemens nerds playing golf... lol... that was nasty.. sorry for that one) 

Then I'm going to have my last driving license lesson... By september 1st I shall have my driving license, if everything goes allright... Kinda worried about that..

And by 27th august I'll get rid of that annoying wires in my mouth!! ThEY will get my brakkets out!! :D :D (: awesome huh? :D

But there also is my theatre summer production... we're having our plays at the 22th and 29th of august... That will become a real disaster of that I'm sure.. loL. 



Yeah and there still is that stupid guy that doesn't want to leave my mind.. Since I'm listening to MJ more often I can't get rid of my thoughts of him... He's so stupid.. He's an asshole he's everything bad.. but also he's perfect and the good thing of every good thing... For example when I slept over at his place last week.. In the middle of the night, while I actually was sleeping... He pressed me against his body and kissed my on my forehead.. and I was just thinking "I might be dreamin' cuz I'm already sleeping...  I'm dreamming for sure" .. but when we had to get up at 6 he gave me a lovely kiss and I was sure I wasn't dreamin' ... but ... well... now he again is so damn stupid ... he well.. he told me his mobile is broken.. but well why doesn't he just come over for a second... then he texted me for about 10 minutes, cuz he got his mum's mobile... *sigh* he promised to text again tomorrow... wish I'd get to know what he's thinking...


And there's also another guy.. lol a hot sexy guy from my former music group... hehe. he's drummer. :P like me.. On saturday I talked to him.. just as a friend, but since then he's texting me and he wants me.. -.- sigh. whish I wasn't so damn in love with my other guy.. cuz I'm really not interestet in the hot and sexy new guy.. but I know that I was earlier.. now Im not...

love sucks.. don't you think so too??



Okay I'll leave now, I have to get up in about 6 hours -.- Stupid holiday work... Wish it was over...... Okay. I'll text again tomorrow, when I'm sittin in work, waitin for my bosses.. (: 




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