That's it..... Or that's been it..

What date? Dunno.26th i guess
Where we are? At the end of the world...
My mood..? Awesome... No. Awful awesome? Is that a mood?
Song of the day: purple rain... puuuuurple raiiiiihaaaaaaain

Kay 'tis my first time im posting from my mobile..lets have a try... (:
That's it im over it... Yeah i know u must think, whats going on.. She's changing her husbands like dunno.... Socks are a bad comparision...xD so i'd say that often, the dishwasher changes it's water..hehe
Maybe u'r right. But is it my fault i always get to know assholes..?
Don't wanna tell you what happened with the last guy..he's not worth typing it all..
Neither is my ex bf who now is rly trying to get me back.
....stupid guys....
And yeah...i'm helpless...made sth stupid... I went out today..with my golf instructor and our friend... :-(
Don't missunderstand the situation was awesom...he always called me babe,darling,hunny... Haha.. But unfortunately just for fun...he can't take it for real.not he... But we 3 had so much fun.. I rly adore him...but as much as i want him, as much i don't wanna risk our friendship.. That's so unfair... I wish i wouldn't know him we could have a ons ;-) and ... No that's not what I'm wishing... I just really like him...
Btw am reading a book... "no more golf".. It's a german book t.b.h written by a tyrolean..hehe and it's about a woman who tries to get the reason of her sleepless nights... A golf professional (like my g.i. *sigh*)... The whole 100 pages i've read so far i had to think of him... What a pity but she describes her adonis as a tall man.....(guess my g.i. Is 2m high).... Dark hair.. Now guess what..? Haha... :-(
On sunday i went to the stamser zeltfest with 3 girls..there happened strange things...first of all i again had a date with my mate from svizzerland.. (We first met 2 years ago, last year again- he gave me his number and yeah this year again...hehe)... Then there were all my ex bf... (Incl. The one who wants me back) the guy i just told you i am done with...and my g.i. Hehe funniest situation was when my g.i. And my mate from svizzerland started talkin 2getha...hehe
Yeah 'twas a funny weekend.. Especially last two days... Monday when sara,tina,alex n i were in the town chilling in the sun,and then playin' trivial pursuit at my place until 9pm...(am havin a bad sunburn...)
And then thursday, sitting in the stadtcafe for a milkshake with kathi,marion and alex and afterwards again in the stadtcafe with the 2guys.. What a funny weekend..enjoyed it so much!!
But now i'm headin' to my already there..well am headin' to my dreams then... Hehe am tired ... And have to get up at 6... 2morr0 i bet i'm heading to IBK to watch the new satc film..wohoo!
Have a good night new york tyrol...hehe
Alpine gypsies for ever! Roqq on..!
Sayin' of the day: u can leave ur head on...! Padadadapapa!
Lyl xoxo chiquitah-girl...hehe nighters

26.5.10 00:52

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