Who let the dogs out?

Day. 16th May, Sunday 3.20pm
Place. Room :D
Song.  Baha Men - Holla
Personal Message.   Im not goin to surrender
Mood. eased? :/

Who let the dogs out? Whoo.... (:

Damn it! Rome was AWESOME! Sorry again I'm writing that late again. lol. I'm busy.. NO IM NOT!!! Busy waiting. busy crying. busy busy busy...

 Yeah u know what? haha. funny story I'd like to carry on where I stopped last time. I think the story is kinda... FUNNY?

 Kay he finally texted me. But neither asked me out nor anything else. he just told me.. wait... : He don't want a new relationship cuz he thinks he will hurt his ex gf and he doesn't want to be an asshole.. Nice guy. isn't he?

this evening I wen't out with some friends of mine and then finally I received a text from the guy again.. he asked me not to tell his ex gf... (the kiss thing...) I said I wont. ( but I said " But I'm not doing it for you. I do it for her.."  and I'm so proud of this saying...) as I thought (good for him!) he didn't answere on this text.

I suddenly felt sick, called myself a taxi, said goodbye to my friends jumped in the taxi, out of the taxi and into my house - started crying..

(special information: haha I had a lot of bf's but there were only two times I cried because of a boy. one time I just told ya. and second because of his friend - my ex bf  - funny isn't it? )

But wait. The next day was even funnier. I got over it. I always do. It's okay.. It's life. Isn't it?
So I drove with my dad through the town. Training for my driving license and so on... There was this damn crosswalk.. u know, like theres an old man who wants to cross it. yeah I slowed down the car. waited for the old man crossin' the street. he reached the 2nd stripe when I saw a car vis-a-vis mine.. The men reached the 3rd stripe then I noticed somebody waving from the car.... My ex bf! beside him.... HE! -.- Both guys. The 2  guys i have ever cried about... horrible. but both were waving and smiling so I smiled and waved back, while the men reached the 4rd stripe... IT TOOK HIM AGES!!! -.-

When I drove again I received a text from him ( I looked at it when I parked again don't worry!! ) 
now was the first time I didn't know what I should think... I mean! Yesterday I cried because of him and now he's like always?! 

Then I left to rome. As I said it was awesome.. okay. uhm I came back.. we chatted again. but he stayed away from me. he told me he'd miss me but no dates and so on. last wednesday. afternoon we went having a drink ( my ex bf and another guy were with us) 'twas real fun :D but nothing happened.

Then again no texts from him, he ignored me...

Suddenly when I went in our bar with my mum the bartender gave me a drink and told me it was from HIM... -.- See?! I don't know what I should think of all this ... -.-

Yesterday he picked me up for watching a DVD at his home. Yeah. everything okay. we were alone, had a lot of fun but again - nothin happened. And since then, he didn't text me.. he ignored me straight away. And I guess he will carry it on this time...
BUT U KNOW WHAT?! I don't care anymore. I'm finished. -.-
Im no barbie girl, ey...

Anyway another funny story, we've been at a wine tasting event yesterday. :D funny! It was from Willi Opitz. A famous wine maker from austria ( a friend of bill clinton, sth like that. awesome! ) and today he came to us.. hehe.
Dad showed him our wine cellar... :D

That guy is awesome.  And we like him, Willi is real fun. He told me to start working for the marketing section of his wine maker thing.... After school I should come over to Illmitz.. hehehe isn't that funny. :D I like it. but that's all just show, I know that. hehe.

Anyway again I'm bored.. I ate, I cycled, I boxed, I went jogging... I waited, I was sick of waiting, I hated him, I loved him, I missed him, I waited again.... I HATE IT!! :'(

Now I'm leaving guess I wrote enough bad stuff.. I bet you all have got your own problems...  awesome.. hehe. -.-

keep yar ears stiff..

 see ya fellows... ( n ladies ;o )


16.5.10 18:09

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