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Okay I won't bother you with the same old sayings "I'm sorry I didn't write a lot the last two months" Cuz.. well.. actually. I rly don't wanna talk about the last two months.. And i didn't and I won't do it somedays...

I think what counts is the present!

Who cares with which guy u were going out, having fun, splitting up.. (well not rly splitting up cuz well u know you aren'T a couple yet.. and well it wasn't even a split up bcuz it was simply just a " this fucking idiot doesn't call me back!! " )

Okay forget that stuff.. I told ya bout my golf instructor? Yeah I did.. Why am I asking you anyway? lol.. I just read through the last post... what eva..
Well at least I told ya and just wanted to inform ya, that I found out he's simply to old for me and we're better staying friends ( so no the talk bout the splitting up thing wasn't concerning him.. nope (: )

So now you know...

And I guess now u'r wondering, " Ey that *** bitch left us alone here, waiting for her posts and now she's coming back just ignoring us... She's a &%$#§§$/}#

Okay as I said, I'm sorry as I said. Why I'm online now and writing? Yes, you're right:

I feel like an idiot. haha. U must think I'm just using you when I need you and don't care about you and your life.. Well at least the good point is.. You haven't got a life... neither are you a YOU... Okay that one was hurting I know...
Am sorry!!

 Back to the topic, yes you are right:
I'm waiting for a guy again... hah!

I see you laughing! I know you are laughing and thinking "HOW STUPID CUD A GIRL BE!?" and If you were asking me this question I'd answere "AS STUPID AS I AM U ***** *** " And then I'd say "Am sorry for the ****** ***"

-.- okay I had my first date with him yesterday.. funny thing is he was having a girlfriend when he asked me to go out with him... Yesterday morning they split up. in the evening we went into the cinema and then to the Stadtcafe, having a drink. 'twas fun   And I like the guy, He took me home, and in the end we kissed.. yeah sure.. simples... but it was nice.. though he was drunk, me feeling sick... I like him rly.....

Though I'm not sure about the gf thingy.... I mean.. look.. he just split up with her... in HIMYM barney says "The recovery from a relationship needs at least 8 weeks, if the ex partner of your girl or boy is a friend of you it at least needs 2 years" ... Well between him and her splitting up and taking me up at home with his car...... there were about 14 hours... U think it counts? :S
I don't rly think so..

But yesterday well all his friends, most of them were boys talked to me.. Some I already knew.. ( just from watching)  cuz well my ey bf is a friend of my date last night too. So.. well you know..
And the ones I didn't know started liking me cuz of my cheekyness.. (: 

Had a showdown with one of his friends.. He tried to kid me but I was just kitting him back So he finally said " man! Keep that girl, she's cool" Yeeey! That's sth for my self-confidence.... (:

Well we talked today, he asked me to do sth together today... but now he isn't answering back... okay I'm waiting.. haha. Guess he's havin some beer atm... yeah yeah.... :/ we'll see ...

The funny thing is I should be happy! I should think wow hottest guy in town is goin out with me!!! but well I'm just thinkin about what if his gf comes back from rome.. what happens when I'm leaving to rome? WHAT if I meet a friend of him in rome (yeah one of his friends is in the same 'HOSTEL' as we are.... )


Yesterday my ex bf took a seat between my date and myself and we were joking around and then I said about my date "hehe he's nasty today!" and my ex answered "yeah he is.. he's dating my ex gf!" lol I just laughed ( CUZ he has been the one who split up. and he was havin a gf now for almost a year and now he was thinkin i was comin back to him.. but I rly I rly deserve better...)

Yeah guess I'm goin to bed.. Am just thinkin bout that guy anyway.. so writing all that stuff isn't cheering me up either...

It sucks.. wish he simply could come by...

I miss him already.. but well.. hey it have only been 16 hours... WHAT WHEN I'M LEAVING TO ROME?? I'm not supposed to sit around thinkin of him.. there are enough cute italians around...

I fuqqin hate it...

( Sorry for all the bad language above but I'm in need of it... !!!!!)

kay, am rly leaving now. mobile is ringing ( no it's not him of course...) anyway have a nice evening.. see ya around...

1.5.10 18:17

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THE FREAK. (1.5.10 19:58)
cheer up, girl ;D
I'm gonna kick him if he's not nice to ya.. since I live in the same town as you.. will be easy to kick him! :D *muhahahahahhah*

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